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On the 12th August 2017, Capital Xtra Radio Presenter, TV personality and popular Afrobeats pioneering DJ Abrantee suffered a serious ischemic stroke while he was sleeping at home. He was later found by his long term girlfriend entrepreneur, architect and musician May7ven Odegbami when she returned from shopping to find him collapsed on the floor. Abrantee endured a life-saving and changing operation that would rendered him with several disabilities and impairments. His family were told that he would never walk, talk or recover following the procedure. However, despite medical prognosis and confirmations, he has been making remarkable recovery and great progress which he proclaims to his faith in God, the support of his loving partner, his family and thousands of supporters across the world.

Elements of his recovery and progress has been documented through his social media following which has not only increased his public profile but is raising awareness about strokes. ‘It Can happen to Anyone’ – Abrantee advises.

A GoFundme was set up when Abrantee was admitted to hospital by his partner to initially encourage family members to come together and take care of his bills and any specialist equipment he may have required while Abrantee didn’t have the capacity to make decisions or cognitive enough at the time; but as time went on and his partner taking on the care element which included financing everything it dawned on them both that many families were not privileged to have the level of private medical insurance they had or could receive the level of specialist care over and above what the NHS would provide. It then became one of their missions to raise awareness so people recognise the causes and signs which will inevitable reduce the number of stroke casualties and also help to support the immediate needs of survivors that could benefit with financial or specialist equipment to support their recovery.

After 1 year of his experience to recover from Stroke, they have identified and spent in excess of £62,000 in over 15 months which is a guideline of what it will cost the NHS or a family to fully support the recovery of a Stroke survivor in a year. This will include costs of private therapy, rehabilitation, doctors, hospital, carers, specialist equipment, mobility, leisure activity and change of diet/feeding.

Abf Trust have also developed a specialist headgear for brain injury recovery with protective padding. Abrantee was provided with a large helmet while he was in hospital to protect his head following a cranioplasty, however the weight of the helmet caused headaches and meant the protect gear could not be worn at all times in addition to the unattractive look and there were no alternatives available in the UK. As a result, May7ven incorporated a protective mesh into a conventional doorag for Abrantee that would be further developed and manufacture. He can be seen wearing a doorag through his recovery to cover the craino which is light yet offers 100% of the protection that a helmet offers and is far more attractive.

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